Our Work

Matter is an independent news source for an engaged audience that seeks out new and challenging perspectives on issues that matter: community, culture, and overlooked voices of Columbus.

As a nonprofit, we don’t believe in paywalls or spamming you with tons of ads. Instead, we believe crucial information about your community should be easy to access, regardless of how much money you make. You can help keep the news free for all by donating.


In the past, Matter News focused coverage exclusively on policing and development. These topics still feature in our Community coverage, which explores a wider range of issues important to Columbus residents, and in particular those often left out of the conversation. 


In addition, we introduced a new Culture section to highlight the artists, musicians and writers who make this city a dynamic place to live.


We have added a Voices section featuring a rotating cast of columnists who explore everything from the ongoing opioid epidemic to the LGBTQ experience in Columbus. 

Our History

We were founded in 2018 by millennial women, most of whom identify as LGBTQ.​ ​Matter was founded because of a vision shared by 3 people from 3 different worlds: government, journalism, and environmentalism. The common vision was to create creative, engaging, investigative, human-centered, independent, multimedia news for Columbus.

We started with little resources and an all-volunteer team. We then built a nonprofit board and eventually raised enough to pay our people for their work. But, for much of Matter's history, our cofounders and other volunteers have invested tons of time and money into getting us off the ground.

Here are the various versions of our team 2018-2022: